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Frequently Asked Questions


Fares & Schedules

Can I cancel my flight without any penalty in case of illness?
Depending on the fare purchased, cancellation fees may or may not be applied. For most Business and First Class tickets, cancellation fees do not apply. For most special fares, fares in economy class, and certain business class fares, a fee is charged.

Can I reserve a particular seat while booking?
We can usually make seating assignments at the time of booking. For operational reasons, we cannot guarantee assigned seating; however, every effort will be made to give you the assigned seat. Calling the airline to confirm your flight and seating arrangement at least 48 hours prior to departure can usually help in assuring your desired seat.

What about schedule changes?
All schedules are subject to change. We require that you call us or the airline 48 hours prior to departure.


Lost Tickets and Refunds

I purchased a non-restricted fare and would like to be reimbursed. How should I proceed?
Send all original, unused flight coupons and the original “passenger receipt".

I lost my ticket! What should I do?
In case of a lost, stolen or mutilated ticket, you are required to complete a Lost Ticket Application form in order for us to process a refund or a replacement ticket. A fee is assessed to partially offset the extensive research required for processing a lost ticket claim. A new ticket must be purchased to travel, which will be refunded in 3 to 6 months.


Travel Insurance

Is it really necessary for me to purchase travel insurance? We strongly recommend that everyone purchase travel insurance, since unforeseen circumstances can prevent you from going on your trip. These include death, injury, sickness of a family member, business partner and/or domestic partner. Travel protection also includes lost or damaged luggage upon a client’s arrival; a plane delay resulting in additional expenses; medical assistance if a client becomes ill or injured abroad, and medical evacuation. It also includes termination or layoff from one’s place of employment, terrorism, bankruptcy and default. There are several companies that offer travel insurance; therefore, it would be wise to inquire about the different options available and what exactly is covered by each.